About us

We recognise the power of food, but on its own it is not enough 

The Neotrition Philosophy

While food and a desire for optimal health is universal.  We are complicated beings who respond best to personalised treatment and dietary approaches. We recognise this. We are registered dietitians who take an approach that is about much more than just diet. 

We focus on the interrelated functions of the body’s systems; how everything is working (or not working) together, seeking to identify and deal with the underlying root of the problem rather than treating symptoms in isolation. 

We promote food freedom and enjoyment, not food obsession and restriction.We don’t believe that there is one best diet or that you should be on a restricted diet indefinitely. We recognise the power of food, but we also know that on its own it is not enough.

Combining optimal nutrition – paying attention to our fuel, along with nourishing our gut, and taking time for rest and repair, we give ourselves the opportunity to do the things that matter the most to us.

Rest & Repair

Symone Genovezos

Symone, BSc Nutrition and Dietetics, ADAPT Trained Practitioner from Kresser Institute, Functional Medicine and ancestral health training.

Health is the physical and mental relationship we have with ourselves, and food as a source of nutrition as well as pleasure is a vital part of it.

I started my journey into the world of food and health by training to be a chef. I enjoyed the whole foodie experience, yet I soon realised that I enjoyed being surrounded by people at events, more than I did by utensils in the kitchen.

With over 10 years professional practice as a registered dietitian I help people navigate their relationship with food and their journey towards optimal health. I have worked in both the public and private sector with clients from all walks and stages of life, from diverse cultural backgrounds and with various health conditions. From my experience food and health is universal, yet what works for any one of us can be unique to every one of us. Getting this right and sustaining it, making lasting positive change, is not just a matter of a good diet plan.

I work with my clients to address the root cause of their health symptoms. I address areas such as blood sugar disorders, heart disease, cholesterol, thyroid conditions, circadian rhythms, and weight management. My conviction that this approach works is as professional as it is personal. Personally I have fought a lifetime battle of disordered sleep, have experienced burn out and overcome it. I, like my clients, are rewarded each and every time they take back their health and life.

Carin Hume

Carin, MSc, BSc Nutrition and Dietetics, ADAPT Trained Practitioner from Kresser Institute, Functional Medicine and ancestral health training.

I want every patient to feel heard and cared for.  Knowing that the path to achieving their health goals is as unique as they are, and that it takes a joint effort to piece the puzzle together.  I’m grateful for those patients who challenge and question me – it brings the best out in me.  My areas of expertise include gut health, food intolerances, diabetes and other blood sugar disorders, hypothalamic amenorrhea, and hypothyriodism.  

Growing up on a farm in South Africa fostered my appreciation for the outdoors and wholesome food.  My journey to becoming a dietitian started in Stellenbosch, South Africa.  I gained extensive experience having worked in the NHS as a specialist diabetes dietitian and in more recent years as a consultant dietitian in private practice.  My own health journey lead me to broadening my skills and knowledge, in Functional Medicine.

I am a dietetic advisor to PITSTOP, a company which delivers bespoke diabetes training courses. I have an interest in exercise and Type 1 diabetes and was part of an expert working group led by JDRF, who developed the first consensus guidelines on safe exercise for people with type 1 diabetes. 

I love breaking down the science into practical steps, while incorporating elements of behaviour design, to allow patients to achieve lasting changes and most importantly feel in control.

Client Testimonials

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, it was absolutely off the scale.  Of all the things that could have happened next, Carin was amongst the best. She was everything that I could possibly want or need from a health professional to support me with this condition.  Carin’s efficient and friendly manner simply shone through from the very first email we exchanged. Next came the first session, where she showed herself to also be an expert and knowledgeable.  She understood my concerns and explained things to me effectively but also in a way in which I could fully grasp and understand.

Thanks in no small way to Carin, my blood glucose levels are now consistently within the non-diabetic range.  My diabetes has managed to be controlled purely through lifestyle, including dietary changes. I check in with her each year, more to find out about any new research as much as anything else.  Carin is a true professional who supported me in a professional, thoughtful and considered way.

Ian S.

Words cannot describe the gratitude I owe Symone for having helped me get back on track. No GPs, blood tests or poking and prodding could explain why I was struggling to shed my excess weight, despite a life-long commitment to the Mediterranean diet. Her vast knowledge of nutrition, which she conveys in a fun way, combined with a deep understanding of how our life-style choices can adversely affect our gut and our overall disposition, makes Symone unique amongst her field and an absolute pleasure to have worked with. With her guidance I lost 10kg in 12 weeks, became fitter, happier and more energetic. Today I stand at 16kg lost over the past year and very easily maintaining my size 8. Thank you Symone, for first and foremost showing me how to listen to my own body!

Sophie P.

It has been through meeting Symone, that with her expert knowledge and guidance, that I have managed to regulate my very uncontrolled diabetes.

I have lost weight, feel much more healthy and am eating more regularly. She is available for her clients, friendly and makes the whole nutrition experience understandable and therefore doable.

Sue M.

I went to see Carin with raised blood sugar and blood pressure. Carin didn’t weigh me, judge me nor doubt me. I’ve always struggled to lose weight despite a lot of exercise and training. I feared a nutritionist as I thought they would not believe me when I told them what I ate.  Carin accepted what I said and gave me hope that I could achieve my goal. She only talks about the next month. Slowly you realise you have changed your way of eating and you do not experience hunger. Carin let me set the goal. No mention of BMI or targets.

Ten months later I have lost 32 kilos and continue to be supported by Carin.  Carin has a calm but empowering demeanour. Blood pressure and blood sugar normal and I have a road map so I won’t get lost in the future thanks to Carin’s knowledge support and dedication.

Siobhan D

Carin came to my rescue in July 2018 when I was desperate to resolve my digestive problems – acid reflux and IBS.  Carin found that I had SIBO and recommended a complete change of eating habits to a Low FODMAP diet and a course of treatment.  It took a few months but my digestive system has now improved dramatically and in addition I no longer need to take Lanzaprazole.  My physical and mental health has changed for the better as a result and I know that I can contact Carin at anytime should the need arise.

Karen B.

It is not too much to say that the careful and considered advice Symone gave me has really changed my life. As someone with hereditary diabetes, Symone’s advice initially helped me balance my diet, which has controlled my blood sugar exceptionally well, allowing me to live normally.  More than that however, she listened to me consistently, specifically to my frustrations over my ability to lose some weight. She spotted that the things I talked about perhaps showed I had an allergy or intolerance, which we tested and – much to my disbelief – proved to be correct. Despite my scepticism I moved to a gluten free diet that has not only allowed me to lose weight easily but also has made me feel so much better – when I did not even know I was feeling “bad” before.

Simon F.