How we help

With the right information, guidance, and targeted advice you can own your health journey and achieve lasting results

Why Neotrition

Trusted, qualified practitioners

In our tech savvy world where information is abundant, it is difficult to know who to trust. No more guesswork on which omega 3 supplement to buy, how much vitamin D to take, whether to eat red meat, or what diet to follow. We do the searching and researching for you.

Quality service that fits into your schedule 

Neotrition uses telemedicine to offer you quality service anywhere you are. You can have consultations in the comfort of your own home or from your hotel room or poolside if you are travelling for work or leisure.

Personalised support for your health concerns

What works for you needs to be based on facts about you. We identify investigative tests, most which can be taken at home and posted to laboratories, which enables us to take a deep dive into what is driving your symptoms.

Proven results 

You are not alone in your health journey and we are here to support you along the way. Whether it be stubborn weight you can’t shift, brain fog that won’t lift, blood sugars that rollercoaster, bloating that never passes we are dedicated to helping you overcome these issues.

Your health journey with Neotrition


Get in touch

Complete the contact form and tell us what’s bothering you. 

We look forward to getting back to you to help you decide which of our services is right for you.


Getting to know you

We’ll ask you to complete in-depth intake forms, to guide us to the signals your body is sending you and to determine which systems aren’t working. 

We will assess which investigative tests are most suitable for you.


Your personalised plan

Once investigative tests have been completed, your personalised health journey begins. This will include recommendations on the right fuel and advice on how to address imbalances identified.

*Most tests can be taken at home and are non-invasive


Supporting you

We offer ongoing guidance and support packages to help keep you on track.

Our Approach

Our goal is to make the invisible, visible, by providing you with an insightful picture of your health and precise recommendations for you to take action. Rather than managing symptoms in isolation, we focus on the inter-related functions of the body’s systems and how everything is working (or not working) together.

Your journey to optimal health starts with establishing a solid foundation – fuel, gut, and rest and repair.  This typically involves paying close attention to your symptoms and how you feel, and testing systems of the body like your HPA axis (short for hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis) and your microbiome. The HPA axis is a term used to represent the interaction between the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and adrenal glands; it plays an important role in the stress response.  HPA dysfunction is linked to many chronic health conditions and symptoms like low energy, insomnia and difficulty concentrating. This is the rest and repair corner of the triangle. 

The commonly used saying ‘you are what you eat’ is great in theory, but it is only true is you are able to appropriately digest and absorb your food.  Furthermore the gastrointestinal track is connected to our nervous system and both are linked through cells of the immune system. For this reason the gut microbiome is linked to many conditions and chronic illnesses that seem to have nothing to do with the stomach.  And so while you might have got use to putting up with suboptimal digestion you may be ignoring an important signal your body is sending you.